Sunday, November 20, 2005

not a lot

my first basketball game was last weekbut even though we lost we still played pretty well and i played with a bum knee but it didn't really hurt too bad when i was playing until i landed on it and bruised it.When i bruise... well i don't bruise so just a tiny bruise hurts a lot and the bruise i got was about the size of a sour grapeb...not too big.well anyways enough about basketball and bruises i am so glad it is Thanksgiving Holidays!!!! I think we are going to my Grandparents house. oooo I think i am going to watch The Polar Express today, fun fun, that used to be my favorite book when i was little.I can't believe we are almost half way through the year that's another thing that is exciting well i am kind of running out of things to say...oh yeah one mor last night i went to a friends house with some of my other friends and we sat around a campfire thing and sang christian songs and played games it was like a devo well ok now i don't have anything else to say so ttyl[as my good friend tigger says]